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JiangSu Shun Yan Biological Technology co., LTD is located in the jiangsu coastal industrial park, main care material rasching temple.Pyrazole raschig temple, olathe jotham, choline phosphate GPC brain produced active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc.

JiangSu Shun Yan Biological Technology co., LTD Is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of apis, pharmaceutical intermediates and custom production; Provide: the development and optimization, the international trade and agency business, our model for our partners to provide efficient, high quality products and services designed to application and import and export services.Our pursuit of "taking quality as life, strives for the survival by the benefit, to promote the development of science and technology" policy to promote enterprise progress and development, with a full range of high-quality services, new corporate image welcomes the quartet guests, welcome friends at home and abroad to cooperate with us.

JiangSu Shun Yan Biological Technology co., LTD The current key products includes: Noopept,Pramiracetam,Modafinil,Adrafinil,N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid,Vinpocetin,Oxiracetam,Sunifiram,Galantamine Hydrobromide,Caffeic acid phenethyl ester,Lorcaserin.




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Email: supnootropic@gmail.com

Add: No.101 Nanhai,Road Qidong,binhai industrial park,JiangSu Province,China

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